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Working Papers and Financial Statements Template

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Level:  Introductory
Duration:  8 hours



Caseware Working Papers is a highly flexible engagement software that provides you with everything you would expect from an assurance and reporting tool plus much, much more!Using Working Papers' real time updates, full annotation capabilities, task management and powerful version control at the document, cell and account level, electronic review has never been easier.

Financial Statements Template is a very adaptable Working Papers component offering everything expected from an accounts preparation package. Using this template you can prepare financial statements in accordance with IFRS or Greek Accounting Principles both in Greek and in English. The Profit and Loss, the Balance Sheet, the Cash Flow statement and the Notes to the Financial Statements are prepared effortlessly within the Template. Financial Statements can be exported to various formats for use by other software, including Microsoft Word and PDF

The seminar is aimed for new users that might have recently joined your organization and have had little or no previous experience with Working Papers and Financial Statements


  1. Caseware Working Papers
    • Create a New Working Papers File
    • Engagement Properties
    • Importing Client DATA
    • Working Trial Balance
    • Set up and assign mapping
    • Adjusting Entries
    • Year End Close
  2. Financial Statements Template
    • FS Entry Table
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Statement of Changes in Equity
    • Cash Flow
    • Notes to the Financial Statements
    • Printing and Exporting Financial Statements
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